Accessible to all, our Circle Playlist is a platform for our event participants to share new things, meet new people, and achieve a better understanding of what is ahead for our industry.

Content Guidelines

We're interested in inspiring video that help us show the community latest design and research activities, recently completed work, product development, innovative technologies and practical applications. The maximum accepted video length is 30 minutes.

Join for Free

Participants attending the in-person and online events can submit a video to join the playlist at no charge. You can choose between two different methods for submitting your video: 1) upload your video to YouTube and send us the link. 2) Use a third-party cloud system (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer) to upload your video and send us the link.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

By submitting a video, the participant affirms that he or she has obtained the necessary rights, licenses, consents and permissions to use all material in the video, including but not limited to rights to use original content not produced by the participant alone and written consent from all individuals whose image or likeness appears in the video and that he or she is prepared to provide documentation to that effect upon request.