Neural Interfaces

Call for Technology Demos/Speakers


The session lets you to present first-hand experience of new products, promote your work to leading members of the research community, exchange ideas gained from implementing systems with leading researchers, and obtain direct feedback from expert users and industry practitioners.

The call is open to all that transact in or otherwise produce, design, test, manufacture, fabricate, or develop hardware, software, and/or technology. Submissions may range from early research demos to mature production-ready systems.


Suggested topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Bioelectronic interfaces, neural electronics.
  • Neural recording and stimulation.
  • Implantable, non-invasive, hybrid techniques.
  • Biocompatible designs, biomaterials development, device fabrication.
  • Microelectrode array technology, novel electrodes.
  • Brain-Machine and related neural interface technologies.
  • Neural control of prosthetics.

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