Berlin, Germany

Where engineering meets neuroscience.

Recent advances in neuroscience and engineering are speeding up neural interface technology, paving the way for assisting, augmenting, repairing or restoring sensorimotor and other cognitive functions impaired due to neurological disease or trauma.

NBT Berlin provides an interdisciplinary dialogue platform for engineers, industry, and academic researchers. The forum will focus on recent developments in neural devices, explore the cutting-edge engineering behind enhancing neural interfaces and their potential applications.

Vertical and Sector Focus

3rd NBT Berlin - International Forum on Neural Engineering & Brain Technologies


Neural Interfaces

  • Bioelectronic interfaces, neural electronics.
  • Implantable, non-invasive, hybrid strategies.
  • Neural recording and stimulation.
  • Advanced signal processing techniques.
  • High-density electrode arrays for neural interfaces.
  • Biocompatible designs, and advanced device fabrication.
  • Next generation material interfaces.
  • Integration of wireless communication.