Signals, AI, Neural Interfaces

20-21 June 2023
Berlin, Germany


International Forum on Neural Engineering & Brain Technologies | 20-21 June 2023. Berlin, Germany.

Advancing our understanding of the brain and central nervous system requires collaboration across various scientific disciplines to extract, analyze and interpret meaningful information from neuroimaging and neurophysiological data. The convergence between engineering and neurobiology brings about new discoveries in the brain as well as innovations for future brain-technologies-interfaces. NBT Berlin will provide an interdisciplinary dialogue platform for engineers, industry, and academic researchers. Focus areas cover from the latest techniques of data acquisition, signal processing, up to creative solutions for neuroelectronic interfaces and control of assistive devices with electrophysiological signals.

  • Neural Signals Invasive and non-invasive measurements, Signal acquisition and sensing, Denoising, super-resolution, registration and pre-processing, EEG acquisition and data analysis...
  • Artificial Intelligence in Signal & Data Processing AI-based neural signal processing techniques, Machine learning and deep Learning for big data, AI-assisted brain imaging analysis,AI analysis of big neuroscience datasets...
  • Neural Interfaces Neural electronics. Neural recording and stimulation. Implantable, non-invasive, Biocompatible designs, device fabrication. Microelectrode array technology...

2023 Speaker Preview

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Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM, Berlin, Germany Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands | Germany
On the Stimulation Artifact Reduction during Electrophysiological Recording of Compound Nerve Action Potentials
quMed | France
Quantum Driven Medical Imaging
Charite Universtitätsmedizin Berlin | Germany
py_neuromodulation: A feature estimation and decoding platform for brain implants
Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM | Germany
Developing quality criteria for long-term testing of intracortical electrodes
IDUN Technologies | Switzerland
Validation of In-ear EEG using Full Scalp EEG Biomarkers
University of Washington | USA
Neurofeedback to enhance response to hypnosis in individuals with multiple sclerosis
University of Technology Sydney | AUSTRALIA
Wearable neural sensors based on epitaxial graphene for hands-free robotic control
University of Catania, Catania; Oasi Research Institute-IRCCS, Troina | ITALY
Non-invasive brain stimulation in sleep disorders: from electrophysiology to neuromodulation
Quantum Biometronics | GREECE
An ultra-precise binocular laser pupillometer