Taking Technology Beyond the Lab

International Forum on Neural Engineering and Brain Technologies (NBT)

What is NBT Berlin?

The NBT Berlin Forum is an exclusive platform for presentations and panel discussions on current research and development topics in the field of neuroscience and brain technologies. This year's program will span the topics of hardware development, data analysis and algorithms, computational neuroscience and neuroscience applications, brain-computer interfaces and neural stimulation device design for sensory and motor prostheses, and clinical applications. Our goal is to present the cutting edge technology and the novel discoveries of the field.

The exhibit hall floor will showcase products and services that are primarily aimed at practicing engineers, technical managers, as well as researchers from academia and industries, who need to know both the technical and practical aspects of new and emerging trends.

Some Areas of Interest

We are always keen to feature expert speakers, innovative products and servcies around the following themes::

  • Brain-Computer and Brain-Machine Interfaces.
  • Neural Signal Processing and Analysis.
  • Neural Recording and Imaging.
  • Brain Monitoring Sensors and Techniques.
  • Neural Interfacing Devices, Neuro-based Electronics.
  • Neurostimulation and Diagnostic Devices.
  • Neuroprosthetics.
  • Neurorehabilitation and Assistive Devices.

Special Track: Mobile EEG-fNIRS

Recent advances in sensor technology and analyses approaches have greatly promoted the research regarding the usability of mobile EEG-fNIRS devices. The Special Track explores the technical advancements in mobile EEG-fNIRS systems, tools and techniques. Participants will discuss new methods to investigate brain dynamics during more natural processes, latest software and hardware developments and how they can be used in a wide variety of settings [...]